Questions and answers about adventure motorcycles

Why book a guided tour in the age of navigation devices when you can get from A to B yourself thanks to the technology?
Everyone can easily get from A to B with a navigation system, but a good motorcycle tour rarely comes out.
Our tours, on the other hand, consist of a sensible and fun combination of different routes. Prerequisites for this are knowledge of the place, meticulous preparatory work, experience in route planning and a lot of fun and enthusiasm for what we do. The result is interesting, not everyday tours off the beaten track.
Our guests appreciate this, as a look in our guest book proves, as much as the fun and conviviality that you have with a group while driving, at stops and in the evenings.

Where is the meeting point?
We usually meet at the Geismühle rest area on the A57, depending on whether we are heading north or south on the east or west side.
In addition, almost all trips have other meeting points on the way to your vacation destination. For example, Nobody from southern Germany first came to the Ruhr area and then went with us to the Dolomites.
You will receive the exact information about the meeting point, time of departure and additional meeting points with the road book 2-3 weeks before the start of the trip. Here, those who want to travel individually can also find the address of our first hotel.

Can I travel alone or with a motorcycle trailer and car?
As a rule, yes, almost all of our hotels have enough parking space where you can park your car with a trailer.

How does it work with luggage?
Luggage must arrive at the location agreed in the travel documents for the respective event at least 3 days before departure. If no separate drop-off point has been agreed, the luggage can arrive at the following address at least 3 days before departure.

Adventure motorcycle
Erikaweg 7d
D-42697 Solingen

You can hand it over to us personally or use a courier service such as Hermes or DHL. Of course you can also bring your luggage to the meeting point.
After the tour we make sure that it is sent back to your home.
We will handle your luggage with the greatest possible care, but do not accept any liability for loss or damage. For this reason, it is advisable to take out luggage insurance.

What does half a double room mean?
You share this room with another person. If the double room is not fully occupied, you have the option of using it as a single room for an additional charge or you can withdraw from the trip.

What about the vignette?
Since we are often traveling on motorways on the way to get there faster, vignettes are required when traveling through Switzerland and Austria. We stop in front of or at the border to enable all participants to buy the necessary vignettes. However, it is advisable to purchase the vignettes before you start your trip (e.g. from ADAC).

When do you fill up?
The smallest tank specifies the fuel breaks. Breaks are worked in every 180 to 220km.

How big is a group?
The groups are max. 6-8 bikes big. The groups are divided by driving style from comfortable to very fast, whereby you can enter your personal driving style when registering.

What happens if the group I choose does not meet my expectations?
You can change your group at any time after consulting your tour guide. Everyone should have fun on the tour and not have to drive under personal pressure.

How does it work with payment?
After the booking confirmation, a deposit of 20% of the travel price is due. The entire remaining payment must be transferred 4 weeks before the start of the trip. Transfer documents are included with the travel documents for the down payment and the final payment.

Do I need additional insurance for the trip?
We generally recommend purchasing a protective letter for the motorcycle that will also help abroad in the event of a breakdown or accident. Foreign health insurance, travel cancellation insurance and luggage insurance have also proven useful.

Can I also book a single room?
Basically you can book a single room in the registration form. However, since most hotels only have a limited number of single rooms, these are allocated after receipt of the booking.

What about novice drivers or returners?
Whether a trip is suitable for beginners and those returning to work can be found in the travel descriptions under the heading "Driving skills". We generally recommend that participants with little driving experience take part in safety training before the trip.

How fast are we on the go?
On average, we drive between 120 and 140km / h on the highway. This varies from group to group on country and side roads. Some cruise, others rob the curves. The only important thing is: safety comes first!

Which motorcycle do I have to ride to take part in the tours?
Basically you can ride with any motorcycle, but the engine should not be less than 250 cc.

What information does the road book actually contain?

In the roadbook you will find ...
... the contacts during the trip including their mobile phone numbers.
... the program sequence with all important dates and times.
... Possibly. additional meeting points during arrival.
... Possibly. Special features on site (e.g. time changes etc.).
... Possibly. General information about the traffic situation (e.g. left-hand traffic, etc.).
... address, telephone number and further information on the hotels used.
... The routes of the daily stages as an overview map with a brief description.
... tips for driving in a group