Felice Mario Salerno

I am also known to many as "The Luckyman". For me, motorcycling is a way of life and pure passion. I got my first motorcycle at the age of 5 and since then motorcycling and everything related to it have been a common thread in my life. I started taking part in national and international motocross championships and enduro events at an early age, from 1998 to 2006 I took part in the international German Supermoto Cup championship and in 2000 I became a runner-up in the "Wanted for Motorcyclists of the Year" competition by the magazine Motorrad . For more than 20 years I have been able to turn my hobby into a profession and have worked in sales, marketing and events for well-known manufacturers and suppliers from the motorized two-wheeler industry. Among other things, I completed an apprenticeship as a moderator for motorcycle driving safety training.

With so much petrol in my blood, I like to show my love of motorcycling in all situations. Whether as a stunt driver for film and television, when racing on the racetrack, as an instructor for supermoto training and tour guide for my on-road and off-road travel events, or as a driving instructor for my children's motorcycle driving school Kids-Drift Academy. I live my dream every day and am happy to bring motorcycling and the associated freedom and attitude towards life to people with enthusiasm ...

My Moto: "et kütt wie et kütt... und et hät noch immer jot jejange!..."

Felice Salerno 


Oliver Nöltge

aka Olli "Onoe" Nöltge, ... our star ... chef

As a 71´er mentally top, physically flop, comfortable enduro riding is one of my bigger hobbies. Depending on the level of fitness, it can also be a matter of course. With my accumulated experience in some rallies and races as a participant, co-driver or service man, I like to get involved in the team again and again and pass on my know-how to the participants.

At one or the other event, as a trained chef, I personally take care of the physical well-being of the participants or put the quality of the food through its paces in our selected hotels, guesthouses or agritourism accommodations ...

My Moto: "There is no such thing as impossible!"

 Oliver Nöltge


Bettina Salerno

"aka Betty Blue .... the woman for all cases ... and enthusiastic yogine"

... I'm traveling for the accompanying program such as yoga, wellness, trips to the surrounding area, shopping tours and special events, e.g. Tuscan cooking classes, pasta ... courses, degustazioni at the producer and much more ... with a lot of zest for you. Should I not be able to be there, this is due to my job as a makeup artist, in which I have been working with TV, film and theater with many stars from all over the world for many years.

The desire not only to deal with the visible exterior but also to go deeper has led me to yoga. I have been practicing daily for over 10 years and completed my training as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in Thailand in February 2013 according to international guidelines of the Yoga Alliance. I regularly give classes and workshops in various fitness and yoga studios and I am very happy to be able to give you something for the body and the mind.

My Motto: "It's a good day to have a Good Day..."

 Bettina Salerno


Oliver Wahl

"aka Olli, master motorcycle mechanic and Supermoto Drifter"

At our events and trips, I guarantee that no one will be left behind with technical failures. On request, I can check in advance whether everything is in order with your machine and whether it is equipped for the travel tour ...

I am an enthusiastic Supermoto Drifter .... I learned to drive on a Honda Dax for the first time when I was 8 years old, then at 13 I practiced diligently with an Italian Demm 50, which I got from my parents to drive, until I finally, at the age of 16, was able to live out my own freedom with a Yamaha DT 80 LC1 and drove almost 60,000 km on it, wearing 3 crankshafts. When I was 18 I bought a Honda FT 500 and then went directly to Spain with my friends on my first motorcycle vacation. With so much motorcycle enthusiasm, it was clear that professionally there is only one thing that has to do with motorcycles ... said done ... I trained as a two-wheel mechanic at a Suzuki / BMW and others. Triumph dealer and then the master school. Thanks to my enthusiasm, I graduated as the best in North Rhine-Westphalia. After that it didn't take long for me to open my first motorcycle workshop with two colleagues on the Swabian Alb. As a native of the Rhineland, I was drawn back home after a few years. Here I opened an authorized workshop and became a dealer of the Husqvarna brand. After the sale of Husqvarna, I now run a free workshop in Mettmann and continue to specialize here, in addition to all Japanese, Italo's, BMWs and single cylinders, now also to maintain and repair classic and classic cars. I enjoyed it at various moto sports events such as to have actively participated as a driver in the RGV-Metzeler-Castrol-Cup as well as in Moto-Aktiv and some Supermoto races and can therefore draw on a wealth of experience in driving technology. This enables me to convey and pass on many useful and helpful tips to the participants.

 Oliver Wahl


Marc Pörsch

"alias, ... our youngest ... and racing chick ..."

My name is Marc Pörsch I am 29 years old and come from Boppard.

I came to the motorcycle when I was 14 when I rode a Honda CBR 600 for the first time. I've been obsessed with it since that day and I knew it wasn't just a hobby, it was passion! At 15, a moped had to have a 125 with 16 and the first large motorcycle at 18.

I have always been fascinated by motorcycle races and the dream of racing one day ...! When I was 21 I was on the racetrack for the first time. Since then I've been to race tracks regularly every year. I've been driving with a team in the RLC Endurance Cup for the past three years. Furthermore, I work for Polo Motorrad and the company Held (motorcycle clothing manufacturer) for their catalogs again and again as a photo and action rider.

I am a trained car mechanic with a master's degree in two-wheel mechanic craft!

I worked at BMW Motorrad and Ducati. I have a small workshop that I run as a side-job in which I repair all brands, carry out maintenance work and special conversions.

I am already looking forward to welcoming you to one or the other event or trip and will also be happy to assist you with advice and action for those who also like to be sporty or who are interested in racetrack training ...

My Motto : Always stay seated !

 Marc Pörsch


Ralph Topp

My name is Ralph Topp, I was born on May 9th, 1960 and I live in Dortmund. I discovered my sporting passion for two-wheelers early on, so I started playing tournaments in the seventies. Then through tournament sport I got to motorcycle racing. I was active here from 1982 (B license) to 1998 (A / I license) in various championships, with a focus on road racing. The ADAC recognized my sporting success with one of the highest awards for active motorsport athletes, the sports badge in gold with diamonds (1996). As an active motorsport athlete, I was also interested in organizing motorsport events in various functions. ADAC (2008) honored my years of work in these areas with one of the highest awards for organizers in motorsport, the Ewald Kroth Medal in Gold with Wreath. Even today I am as Technical Commissioner for WM, EM u. DM runs in action, my training as a master car mechanic and the TC training from DMSB help me here. It is always important to me to pass on this experience from more than 40 years of motorsport to interested parties. I got the first tools for this (1994) in the instructor school of Moto-Aktiv. For many years I have been accompanying "young and old" as an instructor on and next to the race tracks, partly all over Europe, to bring them closer to the motorcycle adventure . So that the latest status can always be conveyed here, I attend regular retraining courses at the DMSB, ADAC, security training courses, MVNW and dmsj training courses.

My Motto : Motorcycling removes limits. Man and machine, nature and technology, everything becomes one (Hubert Hirsch)

    Ralph Topp